Make your service operations, processes and customers’ lives easier

The Lapala platform aligns your digital tools with your business

Service companies, trapped by software and competing with platforms

Service companies have always had to adapt to market software by making concessions to their core businesses and know-how.

Low value-added tasks

  • Repetitive manual software tasks
  • Multiple entries of the same information in different tools represent a high risk of error

Complex applications
and software rigidity

  • Lack of software flexibility and customization
  • User interface complexity
  • Obligation to adapt to the software’s way of doing things

Muddled collaboration

  • Disorganization leading to errors and oversights, and degrading quality
  • Segregation of certain tasks and concentration of know-how

Today, more and more automated digital platforms are springing up, especially start-ups that are providing tough competition for traditional players.

Instant access with just a few clicks, reduced costs, standardized offers and execution… these are just some of the advantages that are attracting more and more users.

On the other hand, traditional players such as VSEs, SMEs and independents may find themselves outpaced by these new competitors. Not least in terms of brand awareness.

Lapala, a simple platform for service companies to collaborate with teams and customers

Multi-purpose for all service professions, Simplicity, Collaboration, Automation, Secure integration with your existing software, Workflow, Process management, Automated reporting, No-code, SaaS…

Use cases Sales

  • Sales process management
  • Generate and track quotes
  • Project costing
  • Customer messages and reminders

Use cases Finance

  • Expense management
  • Purchase requisition follow-up
  • Billing and contracting
  • Cash flow monitoring

Use cases Service

  • Project follow-up
  • Production of deliverables
  • Team management
  • Performance margin and processes

Other uses in Services

  • Timesheet tracking
  • Content production
  • Integrating newcomers
  • Access to a Customer Portal
A simple workspace to collaborate with your teams and customers for service companies

The balance of power is now reversing

Describe your business and the services you offer, and a working tool that reflects your company’s image will automatically be created.


Describe your department or one of your company’s activities in writing

Describe your business to build your software with lapala
Connect your existing software in just a few clicks and assign roles to your teams


Connect your existing software in just a few clicks and assign roles within your team


Lapala automatically transforms your project into a working tool, without the need for technical or IT skills.

lapala automatically transforms your project into business software without the need for technical or IT skills
Share your creation with your company and collaborate with your teams


Share your creation with your company and collaborate with your teams

A tailor-made work platform for your services

Stand out from your competitors
Make life easier for your teams
Reduce your lead times and costs

Create your own business software in just a few clicks

New possibilities to easily improve your services and take advantage of digital technology


  • Improved operations, shorter service delivery times and higher margins
  • Increased brand awareness for the service company
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty

Directors and managers

  • Better monitoring of service margins
  • Smoother project and team management and control
  • Improved and more efficient customer relations


  • Enhancing the value of work, with fewer low-value-added tasks and more opportunities for advancement.
  • Faster training and familiarization with digital tools
  • Better progress and autonomy


  • Customer portals to enhance experience and access deliverables
  • Improved satisfaction and quality of deliverables
  • Transparency and site monitoring of services rendered