Improve your sales and quotation processes

The Lapala platform aligns your digital tools with your business

The ways in which you manage your sales and create quotations can be legitimately too complex for the software on the market.

Meeting the needs of your customers and prospects requires know-how and method, which CRM, quotation and other software packages on the market consider too specific and therefore don’t deal with.

Low value-added tasks

  • Manual repetitive tasks between tools
  • Multiple entries of the same information in different tools to enter your costings

Complex applications
and software rigidity

  • Lack of software flexibility and customization
  • User interface complexity and operation
  • Obligation to adapt to the software’s way of doing things

Muddled collaboration

  • Disorganization leading to errors and oversights, and degrading quality
  • Segregation of certain tasks and concentration of know-how

Lapala, a working platform for collaborating with teams and service providers in your sales processes

Multi-purpose from requirement gathering to invoicing, Simplicity, Collaboration, Automation, Secure integration with your existing software, Automated reporting, No-code, SaaS…

Use cases Proposal & Quotation

  • Collecting needs and constraints
  • Project and order costing
  • Proposal validation and modification
  • Customer messages and reminders

Use cases Customer relations

  • Collecting prospect requests
  • Qualification and scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • Relationship maintenance reminders

Use cases Billing

  • Proposal validation
  • Invoice issue
  • Contractualization
  • Management of deposits and balances

Other commercial uses

  • Data analysis
  • Sales reporting
  • Transition to project teams
  • Production launch
A simple workspace for collaborating with your teams and customers on sales and quotations

The balance of power is now reversing

Describe your business or your sales process, and a working tool that reflects your company’s image will be created automatically.


Describe an activity in your company’s value chain in writing

Describe your business to build your software with lapala
Connect your existing software in just a few clicks and assign roles to your teams


Connect your existing software (ERP, WMS, CMS, etc.) in just a few clicks, and assign roles to your team.


Lapala automatically transforms your project into a working tool, without the need for technical or IT skills.

lapala automatically transforms your project into business software without the need for technical or IT skills
Share your creation with your company and collaborate with your teams


Share your creation with your company and collaborate with your teams

Create a customized work platform for your sales and quotations

Shorten sales cycles
Centralize your activities
Automate low value-added actions

Create your own business software in just a few clicks

Your commercial know-how on the Lapala platform will benefit all stakeholders

Managers and directors

  • Informed decision-making based on sales process data
  • Increased sales and margins
  • Improved customer satisfaction thanks to shorter lead times and new services

Sales Managers

  • Better control over costing methods and quotations
  • Quickly identify sticking points in a sale
  • Effortless information gathering and reporting


  • Faster progress and autonomy
  • Increased sales and higher earnings
  • Ease of use of the Lapala platform and data entry


  • Better visibility on the progress of an order or purchase
  • Improving the quality of sales-related exchanges
  • Reduced order processing times