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Improve your sales and quotation processes

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The ways of managing your sales and creating quotations are legitimately too complex for the software on the market.

Meeting the needs of your customers and prospects requires know-how and method, which CRM, quotation and other software packages on the market consider too specific and therefore don’t deal with.

Low value-added tasks

Complex applications
and software rigidity

Muddled collaboration

  • Disorganization leading to errors and oversights, and degrading quality
  • Segregation of certain tasks and concentration of know-how

Free your sales teams from low value-added tasks

Lapala, a working platform for collaborating with teams and service providers in your sales processes

Multi-purpose from requirement gathering to invoicing, Simplicity, Collaboration, Automation, Secure integration with your existing software, Automated reporting, No-code, SaaS…

Use case Proposal & Quotation

  • Collecting needs and constraints
  • Project and order costing
  • Proposal validation and modification
  • Customer messages and reminders

Use cases Customer relations

  • Collecting prospect requests
  • Qualification and scoring
  • Lead nurturing
  • Relationship maintenance reminders

Use cases Billing

  • Proposal validation
  • Invoice issue
  • Contractualization
  • Management of deposits and balances

Other commercial uses

  • Data analysis
  • Sales reporting
  • Transition to project teams
  • Production launch

With Lapala, automate sales administration without coding

Discover our easy-to-use drag-and-drop no-code interface

Automate your sales processes without coding and in no-code thanks to the lapala automation platform
Simplify complex tasks effortlessly with sales automation

Simplify complex tasks effortlessly

Modernize your business with no-code – no special development required

Start with ready-to-use models

Customize your IS as quickly as you can explain your business to our experts

Start with ready-to-use templates for sales with the lapala automation platform

And seamless integration

Integration to automate SAP, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hubspot... with the Lapala automation platform

… and much more

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Discover our customers’ return on investment in their sales activities

Your commercial know-how on the Lapala platform will benefit all stakeholders

Managers and directors

  • Informed decision-making based on sales process data
  • Increased sales and margins
  • Improved customer satisfaction thanks to shorter lead times and new services

Sales Managers

  • Better control over costing methods and quotations
  • Quickly identify sticking points in a sale
  • Effortless information gathering and reporting


  • Faster progress and autonomy
  • Increased sales and higher earnings
  • Ease of use of the Lapala platform and data entry


  • Better visibility on the progress of an order or purchase
  • Improving the quality of sales-related exchanges
  • Reduced order processing times