Keep track of your tasks
on your personalized dashboard

Visualize at a glance the processes that require your intervention

Start with ready-to-use templates with the lapala ERP automation platform

One place to follow, start or participate in processes

No need to organize work on spreadsheets.

Flexible and ergonomic

Adapt the dashboard to visualize your pending tasks or those of your teams. Accurately track process progress.

Over-vitaminized tasks

A task automatically brings the process to life, and is made up of all the elements needed to ensure it runs smoothly (documents, information, planning, deadlines, etc.).

Integrating existing software

Integrate your software and ERP systems with the Lapala platform to write, read and modify data automatically, without even logging on.

Process-internal messaging

Are you working on an estimate and need to talk to the technical teams? Discuss it directly from your workstation, with all the information at your fingertips.

And seamless integration

Integration to automate SAP, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hubspot... with the Lapala automation platform

and much more

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