The human-centric
automation platform for manufacturing

A new way of orchestrating operations and processes for industry

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Companies in manufacturing, prisoners of software

Manufacturing companies have always had to adapt to ERP, WMS, MES, PML and other software on the market, making concessions to their core business and production chain.

Low value-added tasks

Difficult integrations and measurements

Real-time access problems

  • Difficult access to data, impacting decision-making
  • Slow response time to malfunctions or breakdowns

Complex applications
and software rigidity

Muddled collaboration

  • Disorganization leading to errors and oversights, and degrading quality
  • Segregation of certain tasks and concentration of know-how

and adoption

Free your teams from low value-added tasks

Lapala, a simple platform for collaborating with teams and service providers across an manufacturing’s entire value chain

Multi-purpose for all your manufacturing’s trades, Simplicity, Collaboration, Automation, Workflow, Secure integration with your existing software, Automated reporting, No-code, SaaS…

Use cases Logistics

  • Warehouse staff planning
  • Working with suppliers
  • Raw materials orders
  • Control of transport, factories, warehouses…

Use cases Production

  • Activity planning
  • Resource and machine management
  • Maintenance request
  • Production report

Uses Order management

  • Information capture and circulation
  • Product catalog management
  • Returns and complaints
  • Order tracking

Other industrial uses

  • Export control and documentation
  • Billing management
  • Fixed asset management
  • Timesheet tracking

With Lapala, automate without coding

Discover our easy-to-use drag-and-drop no-code interface

With Lapala, automate without coding

Simplify complex tasks effortlessly

Modernize your business with no-code – no special development required

Start with ready-to-use models

Customize your IS as quickly as you can explain your business to our experts

Start with ready-to-use templates with the lapala automation platform

And seamless integration

Integration to automate SAP, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hubspot... with the Lapala automation platform

… and much more

Start automating
your first tasks

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All company players benefit from digitalization with the Lapala platform

Shareholders and executives

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement and reducing operating costs
  • Increased work performance throughout the company’s value chain
  • Facilitating change management to help employees grasp new challenges


  • Close to the field and representative of reality on sites, plants and warehouses
  • Collects interactions, physical flows and information flows to make the right decisions at the right time
  • Facilitating transformation projects for employees


  • Value chain problem management and identification of recurring issues
  • Precise management and supervision of team activities
  • Monitoring of raw material and merchandise supplies and product inventories to avoid stock-outs


  • Reduce software-related stress and understand the implications of digital technology for their business
  • Enhancing the value of work with fewer low-value-added tasks and new missions
  • Commitment and autonomy through the use of an easy-to-use platform, close to the field and their reality