Adopting an ERP
without adapting your processes

An ERP designed specifically to be aligned with all your business processes, with no need for additional development.

Start with ready-to-use templates with the lapala ERP automation platform

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At last the ERP your managers and employees will love

Visibility and agility to drive your digital transformation with ease

Vision and control with ERP

Vision & Control

A unified software suite for your entire business value chain: sales, purchasing, inventory, finance, cash flow, production, human resources

Digitalization & Productivity with ERP

Digitization & Productivity

Eliminate non-value-added tasks, improve collaboration and decision-making thanks to process-driven ERP and automation.

Ergonomics and processes of the Lapala solution

Ergonomics & Processes

The Lapala solution is simple, scalable and customizable, thanks to its no-code process management engine and user-centered interfaces.

Boost your traditional ERP

With Lapala, there’s no limit to customization.

ERP in your image

Lapala can be customized without any specific development, thanks to a process management engine. It can be easily upgraded without depending on your service providers, thanks to the no-code feature.

Automate without coding and no-code with the lapala ERP automation platform
Simplify complex tasks effortlessly with ERP automation

Simplified collaboration

Whether with your teams, suppliers or customers, the Lapala suite integrates workflows, tracking tools, contextualized messaging, customer portals, forms, validation circuits and ticketing tools.

Simply customize
any ERP

Lapala transforms market ERP systems (Odoo, Cegid, Sage, SAP, Axaunot, ERPNext) into ergonomic, high-performance work tools that communicate with your other software.

Customize any ERP

Free your teams from low value-added tasks

Digitalize all your company’s functions, whether you choose to keep your current operations or transform them. The Lapala software suite can also be the focus of new business applications and innovation.

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Shortcuts in your digital transformation

An ERP facilitating change management.

A process designer no-code

An integrated no-code workflow engine for your processes. If required, you can even give direct control to the trades in an environment you control.

Automation of non-value-added tasks

Eliminate repetitive tasks and multiple entries, avoid errors while cutting costs, reducing lead times and increasing team satisfaction.

Ergonomics to facilitate change management

The ease of use of Lapala ERP is at the heart of our concerns. On a daily basis, we work to make it as easy as possible for our users to learn how to use our products.

And seamless ERP integrations

Integration to automate SAP, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Hubspot... with the Lapala ERP automation platform

… and much more

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Centralize all your value chain activities

SMEs with sales of $10 to $50M

Collaborate with your teams, suppliers and customers


Precise process orchestration for all your organizations

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